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Feb 05, 2015 at 11:08 AM

Error with Sender Email Channel & MS Exchange Parameter


Hello All,

Our scenario is Email (POP) to File scenario. We are using Email Package and ASMA properties to pick the SHeader CC field value in our Message Mapping.

Everything is working fine except for few Emails that is sent by some users to our Message Server Exchange ID. We are getting error for these few Email with Error message in PIMON as: (screenshot attached)

MappingException: Mapping failed, IllegalArgumentException: Name is too long (59/50): SHeaderSHEADERX-MS-EXCHANGE-CROSSTENANT-ORIGINALARRIVALTIME

We do not have control over this Ms Exchange Server Header Name length that is sent from Sender / User Mailbox in PI and its causing this issue. If we do not use/ Enable Variable Transport Binding in Channel, this Length error is not coming. However we need to use SHeader parameter in Channel to check for CC email ID value.

We have also tried to add parameters as suggest in SAP note # 940462 - xi mail adapter sends message attributes that are too long


Module name: AF_Modules/DynamicConfigurationBean

Parameter Name: dc.valueLength

Parameter Value: 200

But still same error persists. Please suggest if you have encountered this error before and steps/ideas to resolve it.