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Feb 05, 2015 at 05:53 AM

Issue With The Character '#' in File- IDoc to File Scenario in SAP PI


Hi All,

I have an IDoc- File scenario.

Our sender is an SRM system and receiver is SFTP server.

In the Item level segment ,there is a description field of 30 characters in which for the last position we are getting the character '#' from SRM.

But when we see the payload in moni PI we dont find the charater '#'.

Also the file is generated with no '#' character and the fileds after the description filed are displayed in next line.

This issue is working fine in DEV and SIT but its failing in PRD.

Please find the below screenshots.

DEV:SRM IDoc Item Segment

PI Moni Payload:

File Generated in SFTP:

PRD:SRM IDoc Segment

PI Moni Payload:

File Generated in SFTP:

Kindly help me on the above isue.




Capture5.JPG (24.2 kB)
Capture3.JPG (29.4 kB)
Capture4.JPG (25.1 kB)
Capture3.JPG (26.7 kB)
Capture1.JPG (30.9 kB)
Capture2.JPG (28.0 kB)