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Feb 04, 2015 at 06:52 PM

Unable to Pass "+" through open doc via design studio 1.4.



I've am facing this issue quite a while.

One of the dimension has a hierarchy node, that i'm using to pass through open doc parameter via design studio to Analysis for OLAP.

I'm able to pass the text, date and other prompts value, but the "hierarchy node" comes with "+" which is not carried while passing the dimension through open doc.

For example: On Design studio Side : Dimension - "+costobjectsmaterial".

OLAP : received:- " costobjectmaterial" (missing the +).

Tried to correct on Bex: variable name as "Text", "Key" all possibility. Still the issue is not resolved.

Code- DS_1.getVariableValueExt("dimension")

Is there, some additional code to pass "+".

Highly appreciate your response, thanks