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Feb 04, 2015 at 03:23 PM

CBMA with ABAP Proxy system > NW 7.31


Hi all,

I'm trying to get my head around CBMA. I'm on PI 7.4 AEX SP 7 and want to receive alerts for a ERP (IDoc) --> PI --> SNC (Proxy) scenario. This is actually ORDCH --> ReplenishmentOrderNotification_In so it's SAP standard ESR content. Both ERP (7.31) and SNC (7.40) systems are Netweaver AS ABAP which should support "native" CBMA.

When SNC throws application error (e.g. material number not found) I am not able to get an alert on PI.

I know about this and also read through the helpfile hereComponent-Based Message Alerting - Administering Process Integration (PI) - SAP Library

My questions are:

  1. Having an SNC proxy system with NW 7.40 I assume that I may use component based message alerting directly and (should) not use old alert framework. Is this assumption correct or do I need to use old alert framework and configure my SNC system accordingly (like described in Former Member's blog mentioned above)
  2. If I should use new CBMA directly in SNC, how to configure SNC and PI?

Many thanks and kind regards

Jens Schwendemann