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Feb 04, 2015 at 12:42 PM

Added custom field is in all capitals


Hi experts,

i have added a custom textfield to an iview containing family relations (IT0021).

When i first added the field in the infotype, i accidently added a char255 field which did not allow non-capitals.

This was noticed and our customer wants this to be changed so he can fill in (like normal) non-capital characters.

The field in the infotype is changed to a custom zchar255 field, and now allows non-capital characters.

The iview i have added this field to, however, does not allow non-capital characters.

On our develop environment, i thought this was due to caching, so i waited a day, and the problem solved itself.

On the quality portal however, this doens't seem to help.

Can someone explain to me, how this happens, and how i can change the field so it allows non-capital fields?

Do i need to ask for a server-reset?

Thx in advance.