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Feb 04, 2015 at 09:32 AM

receiver channel not invoking the .bat file


Hi ,

I am facing difficulty in invoking a batch file from the receiver communication channel. I am using a very simple command :-

move /-y D:\usr\sap\STP\SYS\src\PI\IN\".*" D:\usr\sap\STP\SYS\src\PI\IN\Encrypt\*.* - the file channel is just unable to invoke this bat file placed on the server. I have asked the SAP Security people to add SAP_XI_CONFIG_FILE_OS_CMD_J2EE role on my user id.

But it still fails to invoke the batch file placed on the application layer. I am pretty much sure it is a system glitch as a command as simple as the above one is not getting invoked.

Are there any other roles which needs to be added to my id - or any specific configuration required from BASIS? I checked the PI ABAP stack in the status information and found the PI is running in Windows NT. So, the .bat file will work.

Can there be anything like - PI is on Windows NT and AL11 folders or any such application run on UNIX? - i know this is not possible but i am just thinking aloud from the configuration standpoint.


message_log.jpg (97.0 kB)
comm channel 1.jpg (66.4 kB)
comm channel2.jpg (115.3 kB)