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Feb 03, 2015 at 06:46 PM

Failed WO creation - Tasks not assigned to a warehouse order


Hi All,

We have a strange phenomenon in our EWM system.

Recently (or it may be that as users are becoming more competent on the system, we are now being notified), we have had numerous examples of picking warehouse tasks being created without a warehouse order.

Every warehouse task should be assigned to a WO - even if it is WOCR DEF.

I've been assured that the users are not un-assigning the tasks from the WO.

Reading through the log on the WO that the task SHOULD have been assigned to, I can see that the task has been correctly evaluated, and has passed all the filters. The log even ends with a message that eg WO ******* has been created with 25 tasks. But the WO doesn't have this number of tasks in it.

I've checked SAP notes etc......there is plenty about WOs that have no tasks......but not tasks without WOs!!!!

Appreciate any hints or tips on this.