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Former Member
Jan 09, 2006 at 12:03 PM

Regarding LIS extraction data loading error


Hi All,

I need your help regarding a issue related to data loading.

I have modelled an LIS structure and created InfoPackage(2LIS_02_S013) . I initially

selected "Initialize Delta Process". Next I schedulled data. The request status remained

yellow for nearly 6 hours then it turned to Red. The error is regarding some RFC connection

or so. So, I deleted the data from Delta queue, checked the data in S013BIW1 and S013BIW2

tables, deleted the request from Manage(RSMO), Trsafered DataSources, Replicated the

DataSouces, Created TR and Communication Structure, Update Rules. Next when I try to create

the InfoPackage I am getting the following error:

Delete init request REQU_5GGRN5NRN5F46RPFWFFUCEELK before running init. again with same


I made sure that the request is deleted which is under Requests of the Manage button of the


Please help me out in this regard

Thanks in advance