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Feb 03, 2015 at 01:58 PM

ASE 15.7 on Windows Server 2012



did anyone manage to get ASE 15.7 SP 131 running with more than 3 GB default data cache on a Windows host ? I'm not talking

about how to configure that memory or use the cfg file to do it offline. What I mean is this message in the log file:

"Configuration of the cache (default data cache) failed since the defined cache configuration consumes more memory than is available for buffer caches."

I have 16 GB RAM, max memory=9GB, sp_configure memory shows 6738682 K bytes available. As soon as I try to increase "default data cache" to more than 3 GB (2.3 GB to be exact) , ASE won't come up again. Please try this first on your environment before coming back with questions as it sounds weird.