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Feb 02, 2015 at 05:32 PM

Crystal Server doesn't update scheduled reports changes


Very frustrated.

I had to add an optional parameter to a set of crystal reports that are scheduled multiple times for multiple parameters. But for whatever reason, Crystal Server (2013) will not update the parameter listing and base SQL (as per SAP support and my experience) of the report, so in order for me to either get the reports to work and/or use the new parameter, i have to start from scratch. Without it, the existing shedules fail with a "information is needed before this report can be processed"

In this particular iteration, i had to change 5 different reports for 6 clients, so i had to recreate 30 scheduled reports from scratch (requiring a full reselection of all the pre-existing 4 parameters, email addresses and the like). Thus because i added a single optional parameter to 5 reports, i suddenly have to rework more than 120 unique parameter selections and all sorts of emails, deleting all the existing reports as well. Each of these also is emailed out to multiple people, so if i get it wrong, they will all know about it.

I also found that if i even just add a new value choice to one of the static parameters, there is no way for me to go to an existing scheduled report and select that new parameter. again, i have to reschedule from scratch. How often would a list of static variables change? pretty often i would think.

If the repository will correctly update many of the other elements of the report (formatting, formulas etc), why cant it update the base SQL? am i wrong in assuming that this would be a standard problem for many? What if i had a whole slew more scheduled reports, like hundreds? It makes no sense that Crystal Server cant adequately update itself this way for ease of use and accuracy as well.

Please, is there a magic bullet out there i dont know about? SAP just says, sorry this is the way it is.