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Feb 02, 2015 at 06:30 PM

Stuff SAP could easily fix - rant / wish list


Since SAP still has not opened any Idea-Place-like site for the improvement suggestions, this place seems as good as any to start a wish list / rant combination.

And I'm not even talking about big stuff like why there is no version control for the forms or why there is no billing status for the orders in the delivery-related billing scenario or anything like that. It's the "small potatoes" that I bet would take SAP all but 5 lines of code and some goodwill to make work.

For example, in SE80 I right-click on the report and pick Create -> Transaction from the menu. Even though clearly I'm creating a transaction for a report (did I mention I right-clicked on it?), it's still proposing 'program and screen' transaction type. Oh-kay... But even after I chose the right transaction type why on earth can't SAP fill in the report name here?

Hmm, which program could this transaction be for... How about the one that I've just right-clicked on?! Ugh...


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