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Jan 09, 2006 at 09:27 AM

OVS access to a IModifiableSimpleValueSet variable in view



we have a WebDynpro application. We also have a view with several input fields. One of this field (type string, name "customer") is changed to use a ISimpleTypeModifiableValueSet as a kind of value help. This works pretty good.

Also there is an inpute field which is connected to an OVS in a custom controller (type string, name "material"). But for the OVS help it is neccessary to access the value of "customer". My problem is, that I can't map "customer" because the type is changed. My second idea was to copy the value of "customer" to another varaible, which is mapped. But if I just enter a new value for "customer" without use the selector, the new value will not be copied if I call the "material" OVS.

Is there a solution how I can access a variable in the view from the custom controller?

Regards, Nils.