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Feb 02, 2015 at 04:17 AM

Chinese Character Load in SAP BW


Hi All,

We are facing some issue with the chinese character in SAP BW.

After HCM project finished, user wants to see employee data in SAP BW.

Some employee name displayed in chinese character.

But when we extract the data all the chinese characters displaying as #####


1. Both system, SAP BW and R/3 HCM are Unicode system and already installed with Chinese Language Pack.

2. tx: RSKC maintained with ALL_CAPITAL.

3. I already tried what mentioned in this link, but it seem doesn't work:

4. tx: RSA3 in R/3 it work fine.

5. I tried to load data using excel directly to SAP BW, it worked!

Is there any step that I missed? Please help us to get the chinese characters display correctly in BW system.

Thanks beforehand.