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Former Member
Jan 30, 2015 at 04:58 AM

Union of sp_iqconnection() ,sp_iqtransaction and sp_iqcontext()


Dear all,

How can i union of three table sp_iqconnection() and sp_iqtransaction and sp_iqcontext()

i want output in below format(add one more column for IDLE and INTENSIVE query)

if query running more then 30 minutes means its an intensive query

if user is not doing anything past 30 minutes means its idle

i want output in below format

connectio type ConnHandle Userid LastReqTime LowestIQCursorState IQthreads TempWorkspace Nodeaddr LastIdle(in hours) cmd IDLE 10 xxx 17:13.4 None 10 200 1 select * from tmp INTENSIVE 11 yyy 15:10:05 fetching 20 300 NA select * from sp_iqcontecx

if there is any new method please help me