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Jan 29, 2015 at 11:02 AM

After closing SO, Total Quantity is updated again ????


I created contract for 100 quantity. Then i created two Sales Orders ( 1st Order 40qty and 2nd Order 40qty) against that Contract. Documents updated in Document Flow.

Now i want to create 3rd Order for remaining qty. But while creating 3rd order i get 100 quantity available. I should only get remaining 20 quantity available right ?

Also for previously created orders (1 and 2 ) the quantities in Document flows is zero. Possible reason can be that both orders were closed. so In document flow order quantity is zero in document flow.

Is it possible that because of this reason the total quantity is available while creating third order?

What should i do further and how should i solve the issue ?

Please Help me Gurus to Understand the real problem and guide me with Solution for the same.