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Jan 08, 2006 at 06:54 PM

SSL with Apache


Hi, gurus

One of our customers wants to enable HTTPS access to its Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2. Its system landscape is the next:

Client browser ---> External web server (apache) ---> Firewall ---> Internal web server (apache) -> J2EE

---> HTTPS communication

-> HTTP communication

All traffic will be HTTPS between client browser and internal web server, but not with J2EE engine. So it’s not necessary to activate SSL in J2EE Engine.

We have configured both Apache servers to work with HTTP and it’s running OK. Furthermore, we have generated two different X509 certificates for every apache web servers and we have configured both Apache web servers to work with HTTPS too. However Apache web servers work with HTTPS only when they work standalone. If we try to connect with proxy directives, they don’t work.

In this point I’m in doubt with the following questions:

- ¿It’s necessary for every web server access to the public key of the other web server to establish communication? I think yes, and I think this configuration would be made via directive?

Thanks and best regards,