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Jan 28, 2015 at 10:16 AM

Inter Company Transfer - OM Cost Center Error


Dear HR Org Guru's

We have a situation where we need to do an inter-company transfer for employee's but are receiving some errors we are unable to solve.


* We have OM/PA integration switched on. The personnel area, sub area and cost centre in PA is pulled through from infotype 1001 (S - B007 - C) and 1008 on the OM side.


When we try and delimit the current cost centre linked to the position on Infotype 1008 we get an error message "Entry is not allowed (due to K 0000000072 and P 08008074)" In this scenario the employee linked to the position is still in the old company code.

If you then try and approach this from PA side and try and transfer the employee to a different company code we get the following message "The CO account assignment object belongs to company code 1009, not 1040". This points us back to OM... which then again gives us the entry is not allowed error 😔

So.. how do we solve this WITHOUT having to creating new positions and transferring the employees?

Kind Regards