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Jan 27, 2015 at 08:01 PM

Design Studio report that contains custom components


I have Design Studio 1.4, utility pack, and a few other custom components. I am able to create and open simple report on BI platform.

However, if my report contains any of the custom components, I can only run the report locally. Trying to run it on BI platform or by clicking at the report's URL will give me "unable to process request" error. Below is the comment I received from SAP service:

27.01.2015 - 20:06:14 CET - Reply by SAP

Hi Leo,

Yes. Once you install the local customized components to the platform
you would, in theory, be able to run your reports there using your
customized items.
However, your colleagues need to install locally those customized
components as well to be able to work with them and even to run the
reports which use those SDK items.

So, firstly please make sure the components are available on the
platform and on all the necessary PCs. In case you still have issues,
let me know.

Thank you,

I have 2 questions for the comments above:

1. is it true that all PCs have to have the custom components locally to see my report? if that is the case, then the custom components' usefulness are very limited because I don't have right to make changes to other peoples' computer.

2. I selected all my local custom components and install them on platform using the menu Tools -> Platform Extensions. However, I still can't run the report on BI platform.

Please share your experience with you if you use the Design Studio SDK.