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Jan 27, 2015 at 03:08 PM gives content type error


Hello Experts,

We have configured the message flow from C4C to SAP CRM via HCI to replicate Business partners(accounts). We are using basic authentication for the flow.

The messages from C4C fails in HCI with the error below.

"Inbound processing in endpoint at failed with message "Sequential processing failed for number 0. Exchange[Message: [Body is not logged]]. Caused by: [org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault - Response was of unexpected text/html ContentType. Incoming portion of HTML stream: (none)]", caused by "Fault:Response was of unexpected text/html ContentType. Incoming portion of HTML stream: (none)"

Have any of you encountered this issue before?

We have already verified the following

  • The Idoc service /sap/bc/srt/idoc is active in SICF.
  • The Idoc Content type setting on HCI iflow is Application/x-sap.idoc
  • The ports used for the outbound messages in SAP CRM are also using Application/x-sap.idoc (not sure if has any relevance for the error in inbound flow)
  • The communication user CODINTEG is setup correctly with necessary auth

One difference we notice in the setup is that :

The message is being posted from HCI to the endpoint https://crd.<domain>.com:8443/sap/bc/srt/idoc?sap-client=500. Firewall and network have been setip to allow traffic only addressed to this externally visible domain.This will then be forwarded to the SAP CRM server.

However in the SAP CRM system there is no FQDN setup - when we test the SICF service it uses the server hostname https://<Server Hostname>

Could this be the issue? We do not want to setup an FQDN if it is not necessary as there will be impacts to existing interfaces. The error message does not indicate anything to suggest that this could be the reason.

Any inputs would be a great help.