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Jan 27, 2015 at 01:07 PM

Personas - webRFC - Special characters



Anyone got experience how to handle a situation where using special characters like "ÆØÅøæåÜÖ" when using a webRFC call from Personas.

If the JSON string returned from the webRFC having 1 or more of those special characters, the call is failing in personas.

I tried to URL encode the values returned in the JSON string. This worked well, however the result inserted into a field in personas will show the URL encoding.

At the moment it shows like this:

JSON string (only a part of it) : {"key": "address", "value": "Dampf%C3%A6rgevej+17,2100"}

When pasting the result into a field in personas it shows like this:


Wanted result:


Is it possible to have the webrfc to deliver these special characters ?