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Jan 06, 2006 at 11:23 PM

Need help in PDK .NET Post Installation



My portal is working in a cluster environment with two server nodes. I would like to configure the iViewProcessorService in order to work with these two servers. In order to do that I need to configure the Portal Servers Configuration property. According to the documentation I need to put it using this syntax:

<Portal Server1 ID>=<Portal Server1 Host>:<Portal Server1 Port for .NET>;<Portal Server2 ID>=<Portal Server2 Host>:<Portal Server2 Port for .NET>

I have three questions:

1. Where do I find each server's port for .NET?

2. Does the Server ID is the one which appears at the server node at the Admin tool?

3. Both portal server nodes are running at the same machine, does this mean that in this case <Portal Server1 Host> = =<Portal Server2 Host>?

Thank you in advance,