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Jan 06, 2006 at 10:48 PM

No connection to Integration Builder


Hello experts..

i'm getting the following error.when i'm exicuting SPROXY in SAP...

all my RFC's are functioning properly...can any one let me know what went wrong???

No connection to Integration Builder (only local data visible)

Message no. SPRX081


The connection to the Integration Builder server is not functioning. The system can only display information for proxies that already exist in the local system.

You cannot create or change proxies under these conditions, because the system needs to be able to read an interface description from the Integration Repository.

Check List for Setting Up a Connection to the Integration Builder

1. The address of the Integration Builder must be stored in the R/3 System

=>Check/maintain with report SPROX_CHECK_IFR_ADDRESS

The address is taken the from following parameters in the exchange profile (section 'connections'): Server (e.g. pwdf0436) Port (e.g. 1080) Root (e.g. rep)

Furthermore, the logon data is also read from the exchange profile(section 'ApplicationSystem'): User Password

2. The HTTP connection of the R/3 application server must function correctly


The HTTP port of the R/3 application server may be incorrectly configured; contact your system administrator if necessary. Alternatively, log onto another application server in this system that has a functioning HTTP port.

3. The Integration Builder server must be running correctly

=>Check with report SPROX_CHECK_IFR_RESPONSE

(This link should display a valid XML document not an HTML page with 'Page Not Found', 'Internal Server Error 500' or similar)

Contact your system administrator so that the Integration Repository server can be booted up, or an appropriate software version can be imported, if necessary.

4. Proxy generation must correctly interpret the data of the Integration Builder