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Jan 06, 2006 at 09:45 PM

Extracting data from 3.0F


The company that I'm at is upgrading R/3 from 3.0F to ECC 5.0, as well as implementing BW 3.5

They would like to bring in 3 - 5 years of history from the R/3 3.0F inot BW. The problem is, the current extractor's don't exist/work on that version. So obviously, I could use an ETL tool or write a program to extract the data.

However, I wonder if there's already some SAP BAPI's or conversion programs out there that could do it for me? Or, Is there a quick & easy place to look to determine what R/3 tables & fields are being utilized by the current data sources so that I could mimick them? I know about table ROOSOURCE, however, if the extractor type is F1 (which most of the major ones are), then it's extremely tough to impossible to figure out!!

Thanks for your help!!

Best regards,

Mark Ulrich