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Jan 26, 2015 at 04:36 PM

Workflow for Super User Access - ID determins WF path


Hi. We are live GRC 10.1 for Access Control and we have a workflow in place for our super user requests.

We have three types of Super User ids available for the team to request. Each ID "type" follows a different workflow path.

I created a request type for each of the super user id types. My decision table uses the request type to determine the workflow path.

The issue I found was that someone can select a request type, but then select a super user ID that does not relate to the request type. The result is that the request workflows down the wrong path. So I need to update the workflow to use the super user ID being selected in addition to the request type.

Do I need to create a loop rule to go through the super user id(s) requested? I created a loop for user defaults because we have different defaults based on the connectors in the access request. Thinking about this it sounds like this is what I need to do for the access request workflow too.

I was hoping someone else has implemented a workflow where it's based on the super user ID being requested. Actually if anyone implemented a workflow that is determined by any object requested in the ALV section (role, system, pd profile, etc..) it would probably be the same thing in BRF+.

Looking for feedback.