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Former Member
Jan 24, 2015 at 06:01 PM

Disable Component in Enhancement Set


Hello expert,

Previoulsy a developer who has left the company has created some Componets relating to Charm (such as ZAIC_CMCD_S, ZAIC_CMCD_H, ZAIC_CMCR_S and extra) using BSP_WD_CMPWB and all of these enhanced components are kept within enhancement set ZCHARM_ENHSET. Recently we discovered a bug in one component ZAIC_CMCR_S and we decided to use the standard component AIC_CMCR_S as a temporary workaround while waiting for our new developer to fix the component ZAIC_CMCR_S. May I know Is there a way to temporary disabled only one enhanced component (in our case ZAIC_CMCR_S) but leave other components remain active in the enhancement set?

It is not feasible to use parameter WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMENT = A as this will disable all enhancement set and all enhanced objects. Also, we have tried to blank out the rv_result in debug mode on BaDI component_loading but this also disabled all components.

We are now facing the problem to disable only one component within the entire enhancment set. Will appreciate your advise on how to do this.

Thank you.