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Jan 24, 2015 at 08:36 AM

Commitment update in the CO Internal Order


Hi Experts,

We are implementing the Plant Maintenance Module in already live SAP environment. Here the FI/CO is already implemented and the Budget allocation is happening through internal order. At present the client is using internal order to track their expenses and the budget is allocated to internal order.Presently External Service PR/PO are created with account assignment category as Internal Order directly in MM Module and subsequently commitment is getting updated in the Internal Order which is assigned to that PR/PO. The budget and commitment are checked through CO Report:- S_ALR_87013019.

Now with Plant Maintenance being implemented, the maintenance activities (External Service Procurement) will be initiated through Maintenance order. We will be maintaining the internal orders in the settlement rule of maintenance orders. This will allows the cost to be settled to internal order and the actual budget check will happen at the time of settlement.

Here the issue is when we try to create a external service PR though Maintenance Orders(By using the control key “PM03”), the commitments are not directly assigned to the related internal orders. And due to this there is no budget check that happen at the time of PR creation since the commitment for internal order are not getting updated.

Is there any function module or BAPI is available to enhance this?

Thanks and Regards