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Jan 24, 2015 at 06:53 AM

CK13N not matching with value calculated manually.


Hi Experts,

Please go through to the below scenario and help.

Cost estimate details:

Costed on 15.01.2015

Marked : 20.01.2015

Released ; 20.01.2015

UOM : KM (10 RL=35KM)

Valuation type : Legal and group

Currency : GBP (Controlling currency) and KRW (Local Currency)

PIR details :

On 15.01.2015, PIR was initially created with currency MYR with no condition. On 20.01.2015 PIR updated with condition and currency USD.


Material master Details :


Currency – KRW (local currency)

Controlling details :

Exchange rate type: P

Currency – GBP

OKYD and OKEQN is maintained with exchange rate type P

Questions: The value calculated by system is not matching with the manual calculation done with exchange rate type P. Any idea what exchange rate type system using to do the valuation? Why the values are different. Also checked with M rate but still system calculated values are not reconciled.

Appreciate your inputs