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Jan 22, 2015 at 04:24 PM

How to delete an empty request of MX_entrytype attribute in 7.2 SAP IDM


Hi everyone,

We have created an entrytype as 'hrequest' and we are using userdefined attributes. for this entry type.

We use this entry type for request generation to get approval for any specified request done by user like role access, password reset etc.

Few empty hrequests have been created in the system and we would like to delete these request from the IDM system.

I am thinking to create a job,

and provide the source as the mskey of the hrequest which we want to delete and in the destination make its every related attribute as blank.

Will the above idea would work. If not kindly please suggest. I am new to this tool and started using from past one month.

I look forward in hearing from you all.

Thanks in Advance.