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Jan 22, 2015 at 02:48 PM

RFC open Hub error at BW/BODS


Hi All,

While running the BODS job we extract data via OHD(Open Hub Destination 3rd Party Tool) which calls a BW process chain, during the execution we found that BW process chain loads the data at BW end and then while communicating with DS via RFC it throws error. This used to work previously without any error message.

Data Services Version: (DS 4.0)

RFC server interface details retrieved from Management console. There are 2 active RFC interface configured at BODS and BW is using multiple application servers via Open HUB Destination.


log from

RFC Server Interface name:

11/14/2014 09:23:21 [ FINE ] (OHSP-DB) BW System


Hub ZTORDX01:Database Operation -


Information is written to AL_RUNTIME_PARAMETER/AL_SAP_JOB.

11/14/2014 09:23:21 [ FINE ] (OHSP) Lock for open hub ZTORDX01 was

obtained by job 0DAYSREPORT at repository


11/14/2014 09:23:31 [ FINE ] (OHSP-DB) BW System


Hub ZTORDX01:Database Operation -



Log Id 7TRVO8LLWP7VP305C13H8T0Z9 with status Ais written to


11/14/2014 09:23:33 [ FINE ] (OHSP) Process chain

ZBW_BO_0DAYS@ZTORDX01 has failed status R which was delivered to |Data

flow DF_ODaysReport_Extract|Reader


andlock was released

We logged a ticket with SAP Support Team and they provided the following update::

Data Services does not support extracting via Open Hub from a load balanced BW environment before Data Services 4.2 SP1.

So you will need to upgrade to make use of this functionality.

For more details I attach an additional KBA 1747494 - Data Services

and load balanced ECC and BW environment

We are yet to upgrade to 4.2 SP2 which will require some time. Is there any workaround for the issue or has anyone come across such kind of issue.


Arun Sasi