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Jan 22, 2015 at 01:27 PM

Leave request approval work is stuck at if Multi Level Approval required background step


Dear Friends,

My workflow ( WS90000007 ) is stuck at the backgroun step "Multi Level Approval required". this happends when user tries to apply for EL ( earned leave ) or CL ( casual leave ) where as SL ( Sick leave process perfectly ).

I tried to debug the method (CHECK_MULTI_LEVEL_APPROVER_REQ ) but it is not going in debugging mode.

Multi-level approver is required only when leaves are 7 or more than 7 days rest all the cases it is single step workflow ( initiator --> approver ).

I have attached the documents with this message please help me to make this thing running. or atleast guide how to debug it as method is not letting me in.

further more we have implemented BADI PT_ABS_REQ

for Additional checks while applying leave from ESS to ensure that organizational rules are followed when applying leave and All messages were refreshed due to the use of FM we save all the messages before calling this FM and add them back after the call.

if I put a break-point here it goes in the debugging. but not going for above multi level approver method.

please help me to understad the cause of why CL and EL are not processing with this workflow nicely.

We are applying leaves from EP - ESS and approval is done in EP as well.

your any help will be appreciated greatly.

Thanking you




workflow log.jpg (122.3 kB)