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Jan 22, 2015 at 08:51 AM

Load transactional data from BW



I am loading transactional data from the BW. I have changed the standard "LOAD TRANSACTION DATA FROM BW INFOPROVIDER UI" package in such a way that the transformation file to be used is hardcoded and the selections about the default logic etc. are also not shown but hardcoded.

The only prompt remaining is the one to select the infoprovider itself and make any selections. Is it possible to hardcode the infoprovider but let the user make the selections? Our infoprovider contains data for several periods but when we load, we only want to load data for one period at a time.

My problem is, I think this line handles both the selection of the infoprovider itself but also the selections (in my case the period).

PROMPT(INFORPORIVDERSELECTION,%InforProvide%,%SELECTION%,"Please select the InfoProvider and set selection (InfoProvider list is restricted both by BW and BPC authority)",,)

I have tried to siply replace %InforProvide% with the DSO I want to load from and the done the same in this line further down


but that still left the prompt to select the infoprovider for the user.

So, is it possible to separate these two questions and hardcode the info provider but let the user set the selection about the period? I have attached the full package script.