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Jan 22, 2015 at 03:39 AM

Convert program output to a text file during runtime


Hello all,

We are trying to create a text file on a UNIX share of the list that the program is running. So we are building an old version "write: \" statement built report NOT ALV. So we "write" out the report list, then I need to convert that to a text file on the UNIX box.

The only viable way that I can seem to make this work is creating an internal table that has one field at 200 wide, write the values to each line to the itab and then transfer that to the dataset. This just requires much in the way of the right spacing, etc when the list built is much more direct.

So, is there anyway to do the below?

Write: 'Test'.

Write: 'Test2'.







function to convert the above list that was output to an internal table.




Thanks for any help/suggestions!