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Jan 21, 2015 at 06:28 PM

PCo - Triggering events on restart of Agent instance


Hi Experts,

I have connected Kepware server as the source system in PCo. In agent instances I have defined the different tags that we need to read from the Kepware server. I have notifications corresponding to each tag. In notification, on change of tag value a BLS is called that will be posting data to SAP. This setup works fine most of the time.

In some instances when I restart Agent Instance or the connection from Kepware is restarted, there are some notifications trigger an event that will perform postings to SAP which is incorrect as the tag values did not change only the system was re-started. It seems like it is taking the last few events that were triggered before it was re-started.

Has anyone faced similar issue before. I would highly appreciate any hint which could help in solving this problem.

System Information:

NW 7.31 SP 10


MII 14.0 SP5 patch 7

PCo 2.304


Darshan Sheth