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Reporting on Sales Price Components

Jan 27, 2017 at 01:49 PM


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Hi all,

In ByDesign, is there a way to report on the different pricing components that were used to determine a line item net value?

What I mean is:

  • show the ID of the price list used to determine the Item List Price
  • show the surcharge(s) applied to the Item
  • in the case of multiple surcharges, we would like to see them separated out

This above data is available on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices, but it does not appear to be available in any report (either as a key figure, or as a characteristic that would force the key figure to be split out).

At the Journal Entry all surcharges applied to a line item are lumped together into a single journal entry line, with valuation quantity of zero (and no other description of their origin).

Pricing Component and/or Pricing Component Purpose also do not give the answer.


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2 Answers

Stefan Resag
Jan 31, 2017 at 01:51 PM

Hi Eelco,

please have a look at the following blog. This might help.

Best regards,


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Benny Huang Feb 08 at 07:36 AM

Hi Eelco,

I checked the Object in system, and no datasource for the PriceAndTaxCalculation Object, we can create a custom Object in the system, when the sales order is recorded, synchronized to the custom Object, then we can analyse the price components by setting up datasource in customer Object.

Best Regards,
Benny Huang

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