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Jan 21, 2015 at 03:33 AM

PF Contribution details for Mid Month Joiners are inaccurate.


Hello SAPians,

Greetings from Amith.

Here i am explaining in brief about the situation for an Employee pf contribution.

Though I am briefing only about the ee contribution, it has extrapolate on the other components of PF aswell.

Monthly basic salary = 279000

Joining date = 30.12.2014

Earned basic(prorata for 2 days attended) = 18000.00

What is the PF basis for this individual?

SAP is calculating the PF basis as as follows

/111 EPF Basis 01 - 18000.00

/3FA PF basis fo0101 - 967.74

/3F1 Ee PF contr0101 - 116.12

Where as client says

/3FA PF basis fo0101 - 15000.00

/3F1 Ee PF contr0101 - 1800.00

Please let me know, if SAP is correct, or if the client is correct. Since the PF contribution details are calculated by INEPF, which is the standard function, what scope do I have to resolve this issue?