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Schema mapping stopped working

Hi folks,

We used to use schema mapping for calculation views that worked something like this;


select * from dev.mseg where .....

Then we export/import via delivery unit to staging where we would have schema mapping like this;

Authoring schema = dev

Physical schema = stg

But the imports are failing with error 'DEV schema does not exist'

This used to work and I'm not clear why it no longer works.  Both servers are REV82.  Any suggestions?


PS: We do not have the same default schema name in each of our dev, stg, prd servers.  This is why we are hard coding schema into the calculation view.

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2 Answers

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    Jan 20, 2015 at 09:41 PM

    I'm having a full conversation with myself.  Incidentally I realized I posted a similar post two years ago but I was on rev 47 vs 82 now.  I'm surprised people aren't having problems with this.  You might ask why not just create all schemas with the same name in the first place throughout your landscape.  One answer for that would be what if you have one SLT server replicating from two ERP systems.  Can you have two of the same schema names replicating from same SLT as long as the mass transfer ID is the same?

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    • Ok thanks Ramana.  If that's the case I think we will change our schema to be the same name throughout the landscape and just reset up our dev and staging environments to have same name as production to avoid having re-replicate all production data.  It's already a big enough job doing the first two systems.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jan 20, 2015 at 07:20 PM

    I'm digging further into our oldest views in production and I'm only seeing schema mapping working for analytic views.  Will this schema mapping not work in calculation views?  If it does not work then we would have to either A) manually change each view after it's imported or B) have consistent schema name throughout the landscape.  ie: default schema cant be DEV, STG, PRD but would be something generic like DEFAULT, DEFAULT, DEFAULT on all three servers.  Is this how others are doing this?  Unfortunately that's not an easy thing to fix now and we have more than just the default schema named in this manner.

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    • Also if schema mapping does not work the same for calculation views then how come there is a default schema in semantics where I can see schema set to DEV(STG) which corresponds to my schema mapping setup.  If it's not intended to work for SQL script then why is this visible here?  By the way the reason I'm just now having an issue with this after all this time doing HANA development is because we are starting to consume multiple schemas in views.  ie: SAP sourced data, and BODS sourced data etc.  When there's only one schema it was easy to just not prefix each table.