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Jan 20, 2015 at 01:58 PM

Production order: planned & target costs in a report


Hi all,

I want to make myself clear on how the planned and target costs are reported in KKBC_ORD (cost analysis) and how/when they change here.

My understanding so far:

Target costs: they are calculated upon each variance calculation based on qty receipt and SCE valid for given period. Hence, target costs change in KKBC_ORD after each variance calculation. If variances have not been calculated (no status VCAL) the report uses the valid SCE to display them dynamically. If no SCE exists then no target costs are displayed.

Planned costs: they are first calculated as a preliminary CE when an order is created and saved. They get recalculated upon recalculating an order and also when the inputs change (changes to BOM, routing, prices in materiál master...). Hence, in KKBC_ORD we can see the planned costs changing over time - they are not fixed here from the preliminary estimate.

I know that this has been discussed many times but I'd like to have some ultimate consent in one place :-).

Thanks for any inputs,