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Jan 20, 2015 at 12:32 PM

Reverse engineer from XSD file, how make the models hierarchic?


Hi, I have used the "Reverse engineer->XML Definition" and this way imported XSD files (defining ISO messages) into PowerDesigner 16.5 (DataArchitect license).

Then I used "Tools->Generate Physical Data Model" followed by "Tools -> Generate Conceptual Data Model".

The resulting CDM seems ok but is organised visually in a way where you even can't guess the hieracic structure of the message defined by the XSD.

The XSD has a hierarchic structure and I have tried to e.g. import the XSD to Eclipse with the hyperModel plugin and the result is a very nice hierarchic UML diagram exactly mirroring the XSD structure. I mean, the XSD structure in e.g. XMLSpy and the hyperModel diagram generated in Eclipse is readable because you see the hierarchic structure, but the structure displayed default in PowerDesigner is spaghetti-like, impossible to see any top-down structure for a reasonable complex XSD. Generally I would like to see the "bigger" objects on top and then a top-down structure where you clearly see the hierarchy of gradually smaller parts/objects, resembling the hierchy you may see when looking at a XSD in e.g. XMLSpy in the schema/design view....

Anyone who knows if it is possible to (automatically) get a better model structure, maybe by using some view settings? I have not found any setting for how to change the organisation of the model so far.