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Jan 20, 2015 at 12:20 PM

Strategy 40 with planning material - planning plant scenario


Hi All,

I have a below scenario at my company for which I am looking to find a solution.

1. Material # XYZ exists in plant 1 (Manufacturing plant) and Plant 2 (Distr. Center)

2. Forecast is at plant 2 (DC) and strategy assigned is 40. So material is stocked only at Plant 2 (DS).

3. Material Master at Plant 1 has Planning material and planning plant maintained as XYZ Plant 2 in the MRP 3 view.

4. Need to configure a Z strategy that can be assigned at Plant 1 for the following requirement.

Requirement 1 - When there is a sales Order at Plant 1, the Planned Ind Req shall be consumed from plant 2. Sales order at Plant 2 will work normally as it works in Strategy 40.

SAP has standard Strategies 60 and 63 that are designed to work with planning material and planning plant scenario but these strategies have to be assigned to the material at both the location and my understanding is that these strategies do not take stock in consideration.

So I can not assign one of these to the material XYZ at plant 2.

Any ideas and/o suggestions would be really appreciated.