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Option to swith the discussion from one space to another

Hello Experts,

Is it possible and appropriate to provide option to switch discussion from one forum to another,to the requester of the discussion?

I felt the need of it when I posted one of my query related to 'Projects' in SAP PS forum but later I was informed that it is actully be handle by SAP PPM,cProjects forum.So, I have to close it from SAP PS and copy ->paste it in correct forum. It takes extra time and effort.

Why I (as the requester) dont have the option in discussion (which were initiated by me) to swith it to a different forum?

Kindly suggest..

Thanks & Regrds


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4 Answers

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    Jan 20, 2015 at 10:44 AM

    It is possible till you get any reply for this discussion.

    Once a reply got posted for your discussion, then only moderator (along with space editor) can move the discussion to another forum.

    OP can't do these function (edit/delete/move) for a discussion once a reply got posted.

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    • Thanks Dev 😊

      Its helpful indeed, but 'Move' option should remain active even after comments on the post. What if ,as a Consultant you posted your query in MM forum (which you do not normally 😊)and there you received useful points from experts and there comes the need to involve a CO experts to get his views on what process you are in and what you want to achieve and CO experts says to get FI experts opinion on the subject.

      Then with current practice, you have to close discussion from MM forum (or may be not) and ask the continued communication in CO forum (then close in CO and further asking in FI forum). This swithicg may happpen if you are not satisfied with discussion in single forum.

      For such cases, why its not prudent to provide 'Move' option irrespective of his/her closing and reopening the discussion from one forum to other until the cosure of his/her requirement?

  • Jan 20, 2015 at 11:42 AM

    Already Space Moderators are having lot of head-aches in moderating the forum especially forums like Sales, MM etc., where threads are dumping like anything with lot of issues.  I am not sure which forum you were referring but in above forums, as you said, if the provision is there, then it will definitely be another head-ache for Moderators only.  Daily, I could see lot of new members in SCN and with these members, already lot of problems are there and major part of Moderators' time is going just in moderating the forum.  May be you can post this in Idea Place and depending upon the votes you get, SCN will initiate appropriate action

    G. Lakshmipathi

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    • Sir,

      I appreciate your efforts and sincerity but lets assume a old member of SCN who is familiar with atleast basics of community and keeps them right during his SCN activities then a sense of responsibilty can be expected from him . As an example, if I know that my discussion in PS forum needs some expert advise from CO forum (as per the suggestion from an experts in base forum (PS)) then what extra headache it will give to a moderator in CO forum ? It will only fetch few eyeballs and few comments and if I got proper suggestion on for what purpose I switched my discussuion in CO forum, I will retrack the discussion back to PS forum (provided Return/Retrack option is available to me)

      Dont you feel that Instead of raising multiple threads in different forums, I would get my business case "properly discussed" within a sigle thread and with least moderation. It will also benefit Consultants to understand and learn many cross module scenarios and multiple approach (even cross module) to work/think on an issue/issues?

      Best Regards


  • Jan 20, 2015 at 10:39 AM

    The space moderator should be able to move it to a different space. You just need to alert the moderator.



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    • You  (anybody) can already act as deputy, the alert moderator link is your weapon.

      As said earlier, it is not the points alone that make one a moderator

      If the space moderator is not active then the global moderators take care about the alerts.

      You may want read some ancient discussions:   and

      But back to your initial idea of moving threads around. I certainly understand the requirement, but it would lead to a lot confusion in regard to the gamification and points. People would start to ask "i got 10 points but they do not show up in "my" space" "why do I have points in SD, this should be in MM.

  • Jan 20, 2015 at 11:47 AM

    Hi Saurabh,

    Hope you are doing good.I think it is a very good idea and will also lessen the burden on the moderator. This is a "additional"  task for the moderator.

    You can perhaps suggest this to the enhancement team:

    SCN Innovation and Enhancements: Home

    Kind Regards,

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