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Jan 06, 2006 at 02:00 AM

Pricing condition formula on IPC



Here's the issue -

The freight for items is calculated using scale based rates for gross weight of the items.

For example, if the gross wt. for an item is 38 pounds, the rate is determined as $18 from the scale. However, if the quantity is increased to 2, a rate of say, $30 is taken from the scale corresponding to the gross wt. which is now 76 pounds.

However, the requirement is that the rate of $18 should be chosen and multiplied by the quantity for all quantities greater than 1. So the freight should have been $36 (18 x 2) instead.

The freight is calculated using a pricing formula in R/3 where the gross wt. is first divided by the quantity to get the base condition. Scale based rates are taken to calculate the freight condition value and multiplied by the quantity again.


modify xkomv.

read table xkomv with key kschl = 'ZABC'.

xkomv-kwert = xkomv-kbetr * komp-mgame.

modify xkomv.

xkwert = xkomv-kwert / 1000.


if komp-mgame ne space.

komp-brgew = komp-ntgew.

xkwert = ( komp-brgew / komp-mgame ) * 1000.

komp-brgew = ( komp-brgew / komp-mgame ) * 1000.


komp-brgew = komp-ntgew.

xkwert = ( komp-brgew / komp-mglme ) * 1000.

komp-brgew = ( komp-brgew / komp-mglme ) * 1000.


The problem arises while implementing this formula in IPC. Unlike on the R/3 side, it is not possible to change the gross wt. of an item in IPC. Also, I couldn't find a way to explicitly specify the gross wt. to calculate the condition.

The other option was to implement a BADI to change the gross wt. of the items before calculating the conditions. I tried using the CRM_PRODUCT_I_BADI where it is possible to change the gross wt. when an item is entered, however, the quantity for the line item is not available in this BADI so as to divide it to get the appropriate gross wt. for an item.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.