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Jan 19, 2015 at 02:41 PM

How to set up MDG to search materials by classification characteristics?


Hello, Experts

I know that MDG has functionality to search materials by classification characteristics.

I set all required settings according to guidance section “Set Up Search” at

My Enterprise Search (embedded) works fine, I found materials by attributes and via free form search.

The report ESH_TEST_SEARCH also returns valid results.

But on the Material Search page I don’ see the Classification criteria pane.

NOTICE: During material creation I see classification section and I am able to seek classes, characteristics and assign them to a material record.

I have rummaged all SCN and but have not found any guide how to set up this search criteria and make them visible (only how to make them invisible 😊 )

QUESTION: Is classification criteria pane visible from the “box” or I must do some secret customization to display it?

Possibly it requires some additional settings at TREX side?

I discovered in SAP democloud system that there is a MDG_CLF_MATERIAL model (near MDG_MATERIAL) in standard software component MDG_APPL. I guess this is the standard search template like MDG_MATERIAL.

Unfortunately I haven’t got the MDG_CLF_MATERIAL model in my system though we run last service pack MDG 7.0 SP3 (MDG_FND 748 sp-level 03, MDG_APPL 618 sp-level 03)

Could you help me with ideas how to solve this problem?

Best regards

Alex (SAP CIS)

(screenshots with issue explanation are included)