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Jan 19, 2015 at 01:05 PM

AUTO REORG and DB02 reporting error


I have a curious customer issue that I am stuck on ...

DB6 9.07.007 on AIX 7.1

Kernel 720 pl 500 on dbsl 720 pl 441




They are running a "RUNSTATS and REORGCHK for Single Table" job every night during a quiet period to do a REORG (if required) of three specific tables that they have had performance issues with in the past. The "Last Reorg of table" field of these tables is being being updated correctly. The customer has also configured auto REORG (here's a link to the policy.xml) and the db2diag.log shows that auto reorganizations are being run. However, when we check the details for these tables in transaction DB02, the "Last Reorg of table" field is blank.

One possible explanation, based on my reading of 975352 - DB6: Configuring DB2 Auto Reorg for Space Reclamation and Index Cleanup and 1942183 - DB6: When to consider a table or index reorganization, suggests that (for DB6 9.07) auto REORG does not perform 'real' reorganizations; it is only meant to perform

* Removal of pseudo-deleted keys in indexes and

* Reclaim of freespace for Multidimensional Clustering (MDC) tables

Given that the system in question is an ECC6 system (I've only seen MDC tables used for BW objects like InfoCube and Aggregate fact tables, DataStore tables and change logs and PSA tables), is there actually any reorganizing going on at all ? And if not, would this explain why the "Last Reorg of table" field is not being updated ?

Clues or experience gratefully accepted 😊