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Jan 05, 2006 at 09:58 PM

ADD_NEW_ELEMENT in Objective Settings and Appraisal



I need to allow a user to add an additional goal in an Appraisal when not enough are configured on the Template. The goals configured on the template consist of a Criteria Group and 5 subsequent Criterion below it. I currently have the ADD_NEW_ELEMENT BADI implementation configured for Free Enhancement at the Criteria Group level and have chosen the first Criterion below it as the 'Refers to Attributes of' field.

This only partially accomplishes what I need to happen. I know that a B606 relationship is created in HRP1001 between the Criteria Group and the Criterion in 'Refers to Attributes of'. I also know that B605 relationships are created between the Criteria Group and each of the 5 subsequent Criterion. I have created a Z version of the HRHAP00_ENHANCE_FRE1 BADI and have changed the Enhance Document Method to send back the Criteria Group and all 5 of the subsequent Criteria. This works, BUT, the system uses the attributes of the first Criteria (the one I chose in the 'Refers to Attributes of') instead of the attributes of each Criteria Group/Criteria that are added. Is there a way to specify that I want the attributes of each particular element and not the one configured? Or do I need to go about this a different way?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Mary Ann