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Jan 19, 2015 at 06:54 AM

CRM BW Generic Datasource



I have a generic datasource in CRM System, but I could not find any of the source (ie. View/Query/FM) via RSO2. But, when I checked in ROOSOURCE table, I could able to see extractor method as F1 and extractor as SMOX3_GET_DATA. I thought it might be created via BWA1 transaction, but when I'm trying to display it shows as " Datasource does not exist". I would like to know how the CRM generic datasource is getting created, do we have any specific transaction code in CRM to create generic datasource. Also, I would able to see the relevant selection and mapping functions in the table like SMOXHEAD_S, so, do we maintain the entries in the table for the custom DS manually. If we maintain manually, is it safe to promote the table entries to other systems?

thanks for your help in advance!