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Former Member
Jan 05, 2006 at 07:30 PM

problems with KMAT configuration


We have custom developed royalty reports and the problem is when we get we doing transactions outside of Sap system we are not able to track the royalties based on the BOM's attached to the material.When KMATs are sold within the United States, the configuation data (i.e., the HALB used) remains intact with the order/sales info. and SAP knows which HALB was used and which agreement to credit the sale against for the purposes of paying royalties.

- When KMATs are sold outside the United States, that connection is severed and the only financial information reported back from our affiliates is the Material Number and dollar amount. There is no BOM attached so we have no way of knowing which HALB was used and, therefore, what royaltes are owed, if any. Pls can anyone help me give a quick solution to this cause this is giving us alot of problem.

Thankz in advance.