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Jan 17, 2015 at 04:48 PM

Is SAPUI5 language only used to customize Fiori apps?


Below is what I know and I thing this is what exactly it is but though of re-confirming on the blog. Please review my below understanding and let me know your thoughts.

As of now, what I understand about SAPUI5 is ...

1) SAPUI5 is a front end or user interface language built which uses jQuery and HTML5.

2) All FIORI apps are developed using SAPUI5 language and any customization to be done by customer to FIORI apps needs be done using SAPUI5


3) Apart from FIORI apps, I can also use SAPUI5 language in builting fron-end for applications as an alternative to WebDynpro ABAP/WebDynproJava.

Ofcourse with SAPUI5 + Netweaver Gateweaver combination.

Please let me know if my understanding of any of the above points is correct or wrong.

And also, I have two questions....

1) If my company wants to implement or install FIORI apps then don't we also need to have Netweaver Gateway server set-up ?

2) If my company wants to implement or install FIORI apps then it has to be in a new R3 server ? or in Netweaver Gateway server ?

3) Can we set-up FIORI launchpad in SAP Enterprise Portal ? If yes, then from which version of SAP EP.

I know these are many questions but request your thoughts and answers. Thanks.