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Jan 16, 2015 at 06:25 PM

SLT setup with SQL Server as source



We are looking to setup SLT with SQL Server as source and HANA as destination for a side car setup
Source SQL Server more than a 3 TB Database

A new File group created for all the SLT logging tables on the source SQL Server Database along with a data file corresponding to this filegroup

During the setup of SLT we are looking to specify this filegroup for the logging tables and the only possible option seems to be the *Data class of Tablespace* under the CREATE CONFIGURATION-->Data Transfer Settings

After setting the Filegroup of the source SQL Server under the *Data Class of Tablespace* we are able to start the SLT jobs but the logging tables do not get created on the SLT specific filegroup data file, instead they get created on the default filegroup data files

Has any one come across this before, any suggestions to make it work would be much appreicated

Note: I have already reviewed the SLT Installation guide and SAP notes referred in the guide, none of the them point to my question above especially when we have the source Database on SQL Server, so please do not indicate the same steps