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Jan 15, 2015 at 01:19 PM

LEA not consistent with workflow


Hi group

Sometimes our system hangs, and this leads to a problem in leave request being incositent between rptarq and workflow.

What happens is:

1. Approver approves the request

2. WF dialog step is completed, and the WF goes to next step which is "Waiting for status change".

3. This status change never happens, and the request remains with status SENT

4. Next time the approver tries to approve, he gets "Specify a class name" since the WF step is already completed.

We run RSWWCOND on a regular basis, and this only happens on occasions when we have system trouble.

The only way we have found to solve this is to cancel the WF, delete the request and ask user to apply again.

This is not good in a situation where we support 60.000 users.

Is there any way to force the leave request to change status from SENT to APPROVED (which is the case here).

Please see attached document for details.

I appreciate your response.