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Jan 15, 2015 at 11:33 AM

Warm Standby Stable Queue filling after creating connections



For many years, we have warm standby setup for one of our customers. From time to time, we have to resetup this config. With the scenario we use, this has always worked with no problems.

Normally, we create the logical connection, adding the Active and Standby connection, we do not suspend transaction processing so we use the 'dump marker' option. The transaction log on the Active server 'fills up', till the standby db is loaded and the RS can resume and start replicating.

But now, after creating the logical connection, adding the Active and Standby (with the dump marker option), RS starts writing in the stable queues (ugh?), due to this, i can dump the transaction log on the active server. This is a behaviour i have never had before. Normally the 'enable replication' marker makes that the transaction log is not cleared after the dump tran, and the stable queues are not yet filling up.

Is this behaviour changed in the last version(s) of RS (and i simply never have noticed this)? Or perhaps i was wrong all these years but i'm pretty sure our transaction log was 'filling up' previous years (with older RS versions).

PS: don't get me wrong, i like it, it gives us more time to resetup the warm standby as our stable queues are much bigger than our transaction log...

Replication Server/15.7.1/P/X64/Windows 2008 R2/1/OPT64/Sun May 13 19:29:36 2012

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 21985 SMP SP110 /P/X64/Windows Server/ase157sp11x/3546/64-bit/OPT/Fri Nov 08 01:38:31 2013